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Remind to Read launched on the New Yorker 1 week ago

28 October 2015 | 1 min read

Me: remember the sendlater thing I was working on? Im making an email interface so you email the service with an email address noting how long it should wait, then it sends you an email after that length of time ie. [email protected] or [email protected] you preregister, so it recognizes your email address and then replies back

JJ: ha thats funny why are you making it again

Me: i use email to “hold on to” things that I want to go back to instead of evernote or instapaper so I want to create a way to buffer an email

JJ: you know the app mailbox? it does that – when you get an email you can tell it to send it again later

Me: yep this is more from a desktop standpoint or even if its not an email you are receiving ie, using the mail to function or copying content and then sending it to yourself

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Remind to Read launched on the New Yorker 1 week ago

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